About Us

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Favoured Flooring has over a decade of experience

utilising a broad range of products and installation methods.

We are still growing in order to keep up with the demand of evolving products to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Here at Favoured Flooring we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and our proactive approach to any job that comes our way to ensure a seamless process from quote to job completion.

Favoured Flooring specialises in the following:

  • Floor preparation, to ensure the best possible finish.

  • Carpet

  • Floating floors

  • Vinyl

  • Epoxy

Our scope of work includes supplying and installing the product of your choice which will be guided by our expert advice in any residential, commercial or industrial applications.

For a free measure and quote please contact Favoured Flooring on 0402050393 or Email us at favouredflooring@gmail.com